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American Standard bathtub installation in Houston

American Standard bathtub installation in Houston American Standard bathtub installation in Houston offers walk-in tubs in a variety of models that can be customized to fit the space in your bathroom. Depending on the model, prices range from around $4,700 to over $11,000.  American Standard bathtub installation in Houston offers over 100 different walk-in tubs in the colors biscuit, linen, and white. Nearly all of their products have built-in grab bars as a standard feature, and 83 percent come with the exclusive Quick Drain system, draining the tub in two minutes or less. American Standard walk-in tubs are broken down by type: Walk-in air baths, deep soaking tubs, combo massage tubs, and walk-in whirlpool tubs.
  • Walk-in Air Baths: These walk-in tubs feature a massage-like sensation due to thousands of tiny air bubbles. You can adjust the massage strength to your personal preference.
  • Deep Soaking Tubs: Deep soaking tubs are, as the name suggests, designed for long soaking baths. The seat is wide and slightly reclined.
  • Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs: Whirlpool walk-in tubs use jetted streams of water to create a massage effect. Water jet strength can be adjusted to personal preference.
  • Combo Massage Tubs: The combo massage walk-in tubs combined the air spa features and the whirlpool features in one tub.

Luxury within reach

The base price of a walk-in tub can range from just under $3,000 to well over $8,000. Installation costs can vary widely, however, with costs after installation running up to $18,000 for the tub and installation. Some tub remodels can cost upwards of $25,000 USD depending on what is all included. Again, that price does vary widely for a reason.  Give National Walk-in tub installation, Inc. a call to get an exact quote for your American Standard bathtub installation in Houston.  But really, can we put a price on the safety for someone we care about? When you hire National Walk-In tub Installation, Inc for your bathtub installation in Houston, you get great value. We pride ourselves on showing dignity and respect to the homeowner or loved ones we work with. Our goal is not to simply remodel your bathroom but to add to your livelihood.  The delicacy of the gracious years means to be more careful in everyday matters. With your American Standard bathtub installation in Houston, you will be able to enjoy an elevated, safe bathing experience. Now, let us discuss a few of the pros of a walk-in tub. Oftentimes, as we begin to settle in our gracious years we want to make sure that we cover all of our bases. Safety is one of the foremost concerns for either ourselves or a loved one. In the United States, 80 percent of the falls that happen to adults 65 years and older happen in the bathroom. That makes the bathroom one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for older ones or the one prone to injury.

Safety and luxury all in one American Standard bathtub installation in Houston 

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and that is exactly what we do. We want to show honor to our fellow man and providing honest services at a fair price is how we do that. Whether you are a spa enthusiast looking to upgrade your current bathing routine or a regular person looking for more comfort we have what you need. Our team values each customer and will treat them with dignity. Allow us to help you to create a comforting bathing experience without the lengthy renovation process. We’ve recognized a need for customers to have a thoughtfully planned bathing experience when the “normal” tub is no longer useful. We completely understand the desire for independence while graciously living within differing circumstances, we knew that a solution was a must! Hence the conception of an option for a walk in bathtub installation in Houston. Honored to provide our customers with a product.  A product that can enhance lives whilst offering a chance to enjoy life in comfort.  With that, we can guarantee a wonderful installation process and fair prices. The quality goes far beyond the tub itself but also the National Walk-in Tub Installation Inc. family. With a walk in tub installation in Houston is such a wonderful luxury. Along with integrity and a love for people we have the skill necessary to provide you with top-notch services. 

What more can you have!

Walk-in tubs can be an excellent way for household members to relieve aches, pains, and muscle tension. However, those suffering from symptoms from a range of illnesses—from diabetes and arthritis to fibromyalgia and rheumatism can find relief from a hot soak in the tub.  In addition, walk-in tubs can relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. With optional chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, and aquatic massage functions, a hot bath can bring peace of mind and relaxation for just about anyone. Luxury at its’ finest! You can be sure that the walk-in tub that you choose will add to your bathroom and not take away from it. There are many benefits to using a walk-in tub. Hydrotherapy is a staple for many when recovering from injuries and other ailments. Likewise, the benefits of warm water for seniors in reducing certain aches and pains. When you notice a difference we are really doing our job to help you feel better. Hydrotherapy can also help patients recovering from amputations or dealing with conditions such as arthritis. A walk-in tub is more than a comfortable bathing experience, it is a gateway to more independent living. The safety features on the walk-in tubs will allow you to enter and exit with peace of mind and ease. You will be able to achieve a spa-like soak with each bathing experience.  After reading this article if you are still undecided please contact us for more information. Schedule your free estimate for an American Standard bathtub installation in Houston, today. Call us at this number (832) 303-3761. We look forward to hearing from you!