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How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston

Have you ever wondered How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston? The average cost can vary depending on the room, style preferences, and the features you are desiring. The walk-in tub can be as minimalistic or luxurious as you please. National Walk-In Tub Installation, Inc. has the skill to do it all! Walk-in tubs can be pricey and Medicare does not consider them Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or cover any part of the costs. A few states may offer some assistance under their Medicaid programs but most do not.  The base price of a walk-in tub can range from just under $3,000 to well over $6,000. Installation costs can vary widely, however, with costs after installation running up to $25,000 for the tub and installation. We must Make sure your tub and fixtures comply with local building and plumbing codes. They should be Iapmo or C-UPC or equivalent certified. Non-certified plumbing fixtures may affect your insurance and may be prohibited. All walk-in tubs require a secondary drain in the door track to be certified. The safety of your new walk-in tub is very important. Even more so than How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston. Be aware that price doesn’t always equal quality. Tubs in both the lower and upper price ranges suffer from poor design quality and warranty problems. To find out more about a reputable company that can tell you How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston, keep reading.

Safety comes with a cost

The lives of those we love are so precious to us. Even as they age, the last thing we would want is for them to have a bad fall in the bathroom. In fact, over one-third of adults fall each year and 80 percent of them that do are 65 years old and older. These falls take place in the bathroom most of the time. Walk-in tubs are generally designed with many safety features that can reduce or even help to prevent bathroom falls. Some models also include wide doors designed to allow those in wheelchairs to transfer easily to the tub seat without assistance. Another safety feature, although not related to falls, is a scald prevention valve, designed to prevent hot water burns. You may be wondering How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston? Well, again, can we put a price on safety and comfort for those we love? The deeper size of walk-in tubs, there is understandably the idea that a walk-in tub would hold more water than a standard tub or a shower. However, this is not always the case. Many walk-in tubs are much narrower than standard tubs, so it isn’t much larger than it appears visually when dealing with gallons held. An average standard bathtub holds around 42 gallons, with garden tubs holding about double that. An average shower uses between 25 and 40 gallons (depending on the flow of your shower-head). Walk-in tubs do not use significantly more water, with many averaging around 50 gallons of water per filled tub. Many walk-in tubs also offer heating systems that circulate water to keep it warm rather than needing to be refilled turning the bath.

Comfort in knowing How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston

When you learn How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston are added up it will not cost more than peace of mind. Walk-in tubs can be an excellent way for household members to relieve aches, pains, and muscle tension. Those suffering from symptoms from a range of illnesses—from diabetes and arthritis to fibromyalgia and rheumatism can find relief from a hot soak in the tub. In addition, walk-in tubs can relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. With optional chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, and aquatic massage functions, a hot bath can bring peace of mind and relaxation for just about anyone. How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston quality goes far beyond the tub itself but also the National Walk-in Tub Installation Inc. family. National Walk-In Tub Installation Inc. has partnered with Kohler to bring you an accessible bathing solution. The type of tub you choose depends on the needs and experience you are looking for. Enjoy a one-day installation process as the walk-in tub can fit into the current footprint of the existing tub.  To understand How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston depends on what you are looking for in your bathing experience. Walk-in tubs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and models—and we can choose one that meets your preferences and current bathroom décor. For those dreaming of enjoying a nice, hot bath in a walk-in tub, get started planning your quick and easy installation now. When you find out How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston will not impede on your personal style. 

More to learn about walk-in tubs

You can be sure that the walk-in tub that you choose will add to your bathroom and not take away from it. There are many benefits to using a walk-in tub. Hydrotherapy is a staple for many when recovering from injuries and other ailments. The benefits of warm water for seniors in reducing certain aches and pains.  Along with speeding the healing of certain injuries such as burns or ulcers is well known. Hydrotherapy can also help patients recovering from amputations or dealing with conditions such as arthritis. Rather than read on and begin to fret over which company to use, give us a call. We are more than willing to come out and give a free estimate. For those contemplating and hoping for a better bathing experience, contact National Walk-In Tub Installation, Inc.. today. Everyone deserves to bath in a comfortable tub to relieve aches, pains, and stress. Get started planning your new bathroom walk in tub. National Walk-In Tub Installation, Inc. Call us at (832) 303-3761 and start enjoying your brand new bathroom with fair prices. How much are walk-in tubs installed in Houston that will be compatible with your financial goals?