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Replace your bathtub in Houston

Replace your bathtub in Houston

Replace your bathtub in Houston

National Walk-in Tub Installation, Inc. is the perfect company to replace your bathtub in Houston. The reason why you want to replace your current tub may vary. Whether it is for comfort, safety, or preference, we can help you to achieve your goal. Elevating your current bathing experience to one that meets your current needs is not out of reach. The delicacy of the gracious years means to be more careful in everyday matters.  The need for extensive remodeling is not required. Our highly trained team can have your beautiful walk-in tub installed within the week. If you want to put your new tub into the existing footprint of your current tub, the amount of construction needed is much less than a standard remodel. This eliminates the need for extensive remodeling and keeps installation costs very reasonable. We take care of everything for you! Our team will carefully install your walk-in tub. Our installers are highly experienced; they treat your home and belongings with the utmost care and respect, and they meticulously clean up after themselves when the job is done. When you start to plan for your remodel, it is important to think of the features that you would like in your tub. As this is an investment for your home, ensuring that you get exactly what you want is imperative. The features that are highlighted can and will improve your well being and bathing experience. 

Perfect experience

As we mentioned, a few features that are important to consider when you want to replace your bathtub in Houston, are as follows:
  • Handrails
The right walk-in tub should come with handrails already installed. You don’t want to depend on using the door or slippery outside parts of the tub for stability when getting in or out of the tub. 
  • Textured flooring
It’s very important for a good walk-in tub to have non-slip, textured flooring. Non-slip mats aren’t an option for all seniors because it may be too difficult to clean and replace them on a regular basis—not to mention they might not adequately fit the entire tub’s bottom. 
  • Quick drainage
You don’t want to sit in quickly cooling water, waiting for it to drain out when you’re done bathing. Remember, the tub door cannot be opened until the water has been drained.


  • Easy cleaning
Find the best tub that does not require extensive manual cleaning of the jet piping. Good options have a self-cleaning option, such as an ozone cleaning system. Keeping the tub clean should be a priority because research reveals bacteria can grow in a tub.
  • In-line heating
If you want to soak for a while, you don’t want to be sitting in lukewarm water after fifteen minutes. An in-line heating system keeps your bathwater warm.
  • Sitting or lounging layout
Most walk-in tubs come with a seat so the bather can sit. While many seniors will find this preferable, some may also want the option to sprawl out.
  • Step-in height
Most tubs have a step-in clearance (meaning the height from the floor to the tub’s doorway) between 3 and 7 inches. Those with limited mobility should look for the lowest clearance possible.

We can replace your bathtub in Houston

Having your current tub replaced and removed can be costly. However, when you employ National Walk-in Tub Installation, Inc. to replace your bathtub in Houston, you will get great results. Our goals for your remodel are to provide you with top service, quality products, and fantastic customer service.  We begin the installation process by carefully removing your existing tub, which is either discarded or recycled. Then we install your new walk-In tub, taking care not to damage your floors, walls, cabinets, or fixtures. When we’re finished, you have a gorgeous new tub that not only provides an improved bathing experience but can also refresh the entire look of your bathroom. Many of the features that are desired for a walk-in tub, can be added to a single tub. Other great features included with most tubs are Hydrotherapy System Heated Surfaces, Whirlpool Jets, Hand-shower options, and chromatherapy. All of these different aids can help to create a healthier lifestyle for you and/or a loved one. Just by soaking your body in a tub, you can relieve the painful ailments that plague you daily. After your luxurious walk-in tub is complete, you will not regret it. Taking a moment for yourself will take on a whole new meaning.  Whether you are a spa enthusiast or just someone looking to upgrade their comfort, you have come to the right place. Luxuries are often fleeting and a walk-in tub, although a luxury, is not.  Creating a safer place for those who desire to remain independent is a wonderful thing. Peace of mind will then surpass all understanding as you sink into your beautiful new tub. 

Fresh and new

As a gateway to more independent living, walk-in tubs are such a fantastic option. Mobility issues will not stop you from enjoying an elevated bathing experience any longer! The safety features on the walk-in tubs will allow you to enter and exit with peace of mind and ease. You will be able to achieve a spa-like soak with each bathing experience. National Walk-In Tub Installation, Inc. can provide you with a soaking experience like never before.  This season of life is met with many obstacles, but the way we choose to find comfort for a necessity shouldn’t be one of them. Allow us, a reputable and hard-working group to handle your goal to create an accessible bathing solution. You can replace your bathtub in Houston in just one day to create your desired, independent bathing solution. With a host of comforting features to help add safety and luxury in one step! Contact us at (832) 303-3761 to schedule with us today. You can also feel free to visit our website to gain a better insight into what we offer. We look forward to working with you to help create your dream, elevated bathing experience!